Sound Recorder In Python

Voice Recorder Using Python – How To Make Voice Recorder


Voice Recorder Using PythonHow To Make Voice Recorder in Hindi – Is Post Me Ham Sound Recorder Ko Create Karne Wale Hai Wo Bhi Python Ki Help Se |

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Voice Recorder Using Python in Hindi

Python Sound Recorder Ki Coding Karne Se Pahle Aapko Kuch Library Ko Install Karna Padega Jo Niche Diye Gaye Hain |

  • pip install sounddevice
  • pip install wavio
  • pip install scipy

Python Me Kisi Bhi Library Ko Install Karne Ke Liye pip install library_name Type Karna Padta Hai cmd Me |

How To Make Voice Recorder in Hindi

#import required libraries
import sounddevice as sd
from import write
import wavio as wv

#sampling frequency
freq = 44100
#Recording Duration
duration = 5

#Start Recoder With The Given Values of duration and sample frequency
recording = sd.rec(int(duration * freq), samplerate = freq, channels = 2)

#Recode audio for the given number of seconds

#this will convert the Numpy array to an Audio
#File with The Given Sampling Frequency
write("recording0.wav", freq, recording)

#Convert the Numpy Array To Audio File
wv.write("recording1.way", recording, freq, sampwidth = 2)

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