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Typescript Setup – Environment Setup Or Installation In Hindi


Typescript Ko Kaise Install KareTypeScript Setup and Installation:- Jeisa Ki Aapko Pta Hai Ek Compiler Programmer Duvara Kisi Programming Language Mei Likhe Gaye Code Ko Machine Executable Form Me Convert Karta Hai |

TypeScript Programming Language Ke Liye Alag Alag Platforms Ke Anusar Bahud Se Compilers Available Hai |

Yadi Aapne  HTML Full Course  And CSS Full Course And Python Full Course And PHP Full Course Nhi Read Kiya Hai To Aap Vah Bhi Read Kar Sakte Hai |

TypeScript Setup and Installation

Yaha Par Tyescript Ko Install Karne Ke Liye 3 Alag Alag Tareeke Hai:-

1)Hamari Local Machine Yaa Project Me Hum Typescript Ko NPM Package Ke Roop Me Install Kar Sakte Hai.

2)Isko Hum .NET or .NET Core Project Me TypeScript NuGet Package Install Kar Sakte Hai.

3)Isko IDE (Integrated Development Environment) Me Plugin Se Bhi Download Kar Sakte Hai.

1)Typescript Ko NPM Se Kaise Install Kare-

NPM Ek Node Package Manager Hai Jisko Hum Typescript Package Install Karne Ke Liye Use Karte Hai. Isko Download Karne Se Pahle Node.js Hamari Local Machine Par Install Hona Chahiye.

Hum Iss Command Ki Help Se Typescript Ke Latest Version Ko Install Yaa Download Kar Sakte Hai npm install -g typescript.

Typescript Ke Downloaded Version Ko Check Karne Ke Liye Hum Iss Command Kaa Use Kar Sakte Hain tsc-v.

Typescript Ko Local Project Me Download Karne Ke Liye Hum Iss Command Kaa Use Kar Sakte Hain npm install typescript –save-dev.

Aap Version Check Karne Ke Liye Inn Commands Ka Use Kar Sakte Hai

Tyscript Ke Version Ko Check Karne Ke Liye Ye Command Use Kare-

2)Typescript Ko Nuget Package Ke Roop Me Kaise Install Kare-

.NET or .NET Core Projects Ke Liye Hum Typescript Ko Nuget Package Ke Roop Me Install Kar Sakte Hain.Microsoft.TypeScript.MSBuild -Ye Nuget Package Typescript Ke Liye Ek MSBuild Task Hai Jo Ki Automatically tsconfig.json Configuration Ke According .ts Files Ko .js Files me Compile Kar Deta Hai Jab Hum Project Ko Build Karte Hai.

Project node Par Right Click Karke NuGet Package Manager Ko Open Kare, Uske Baad Manage NuGet Packages Par Click Kare.Iske Baad TS Ke Saare Packages Ki List Aa Jaaygi, Microsoft.TypeScript.MSBuild Isko Select Kare And Install Kare.Iske Baad TS Apne Aap Install Hona Start Ho Jaayga.

3)Typescript Ko IDE Me Plug-in Se Kaise Install Kare-

Iske Liye Hum Particular IDE Ke Liye Specific TypeScript Package Or Plugin Ko Install Kar Sakte Hai.

Aapko Ye Wale Steps Follow Karne Hai Plug-in Install Karne Ke Liye-

a)Eclipse Open Kare Usme Iss Wali Option Help->Eclipse Market Place Par Open Kare.

b)TypeScript Ko Search Kare Or TypeScript IDE Ko Choose Kare , Uske Baad Install Kare.

TypeScript Installation

Typescript IDE For Eclipse-


Typescript Plug-in For Eclipse-


Agar aapko installation karne me kuch dikkat hoti hai to mujhe inform kar sakte hai comments box me likh kar me aapki problem ko jarur solve karunga |

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Typescript Version In Hindi

Typescript Release Ki Puri History Niche Dii Gayi Hai.Latest Release Ki Full Documentation Ke Lye Aap Github Par Padh Sakte Hai.

Serial No.VersionRelease DateKon Kon Se Changes Kiye Gaye Hai.
31.106-10-2014Iss Wale Verison Me Performance Me Improvement Kiya Gaya.
41.312-11-2014Iss Wale Verison Me Protected Modifier Or Tuples Types Ko Add Kiya Gaye.
51.420-01-2015Iss Wale Verison Me Isme Union Types, Let And Const Declarations, Type Guards, Type Aliases, Template String Ko Add Kiya Gaya.
61.520-07-2015Iss Wale Verison Me ES6 Modules, Decorators, For..Of Support, Namespace Keyword Ko Introduce Kiya Gaya.
Iss Wale Verison Me Iss Version Me JSX Support, Abstract Classes, And Methods, Local Type Declarations, Intersection Types, User-Defined Type Guard Functions Ko Introduce Kiya Gaya.
81.730-11-2015Iss Wale Verison Me Async And Await Support Ko Add Kiya Gaya.
91.822-02-2016Iss Wale Verison Me Iss Version Me Constraints Generic, Control Flow Analysis Errors, String Literal Types, AllowJs Ko Add Kiya Gaya.
102.022-09-2016Iss Wale Verison Me Control Flow Based Type Analysis, Null-And Undefined-Aware Types, Never Type, Discriminated Union Types, Readonly Keyword, Type Of This For Functions Ko Introduce Kiya Gaya.
112.108-11-2016Iss Wale Verison Me Mapped Types, Keyof And Lookup Types, Object Spread And Rest Ko Introduce Kiya Gaya.
122.222-02-2017Iss Wale Verison Me Object Type, Mix-In Classes Ko Introduce Kiya Gaya.
132.327-04-2017Iss Wale Verison Me Async Iteration, Strict Option, Generic Parameter Defaults Ko Introduce Kiya Gaya.
142.427-06-2017Iss Wale Verison Me Dynamic Import Expressions, Improved Inference For Generics, String Enums, Strict Contravariance, For Callback Parameters Ko Introduce Kiya Gaya.
152.531-08-2017Iss Wale Verison Me Optional Catch Clause Variables Ko Introduce Kiya Gaya.
162.631-10-2017Iss Wale Verison Me Strict Function Types Ko Introduce Kiya Gaya.
172.731-01-2018Iss Wale Verison Me Fixed Length Tuples, Constant-Named Properties Ko Introduce Kiya Gaya.
182.827-03-2108Iss Wale Verison Me Improved Keyof With Intersection Types, Conditional Types Ko Introduce Kiya Gaya.
192.914-05-2018Iss Wale Verison Me Support For Symbols And Numeric Literals In Keyof And Mapped Object Types Ko Introduce Kiya Gaya.
203.030-07-2018Iss Wale Verison Me Project References, Extracting And Spreading Parameter Lists With Tuples Ko Introduce Kiya Gaya.
213.127-09-2018Iss Wale Verison Me Mappable Tuple And Array Types Ko Introduce Kiya Gaya.
223.230-09-2018Iss Wale Verison Me Stricter Checking For Bind, Call, Apply Ko Introduce Kiya Gaya.
233.331-01-2019Iss Wale Verison Me Improved Behavior On Methods Of Union Types, Incremental Builds For Composite Projects Ko Introduce Kiya Gaya.
243.429-03-2019Iss Wale Verison Me Faster incremental Builds With The –Incremental Flag, Type Inference From Generic Functions, Readonly Modifier For Arrays And Tuples, Const Assertions, Type-Checking For GlobalThis Ko Introduce Kiya Gaya.
253.529-05-2019Iss Wale Verison Me Speed Improvements, Improved Excess Property Checks In Union Types, Faster Incremental Builds, Omit Helper Type, Smarter Union Type Checking Ko Introduce Kiya Gaya.

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