Python OpenCV Tutorial In Hindi

Python OpenCV

Python OpenCV Tutorial In Hindi – OpenCV Tutorial In Hindi – Is Post Main Python OpenCV Course Ko A to Z Chapter Wise Add Kiya Gaya Hai Agar Aap OpenCV In Hindi Me Learn Karna Chahte Hai to Aap Is Post Ko Chapter Wise Read Kar Sakte Hai |

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Python OpenCV Tutorial In Hindi

OpenCV Tutorial Programming Ko Acchi Tarah se Learn Karne Ke Liye Hamne Chapter Wise Post Likhi Hai. Agar Aapko Learn OpenCV in Hindi Karna hai to aap ye post ko dekh kar or ek ek post karke learn kr Sakte Hai. Ham Aapko Start Se Lekar End Tak Sabhi Lasson Chapter Wise Learn Karne Wale Hai Jo Ki Lesson Ki List Niche Diya Gaya Hai |

Getting StartedOpenCV for Complete Beginners In Hindi

Types of Images

Image Conversion

  • OpenCV – Colored Images to GrayScale
  • OpenCV – Colored Image to Binary
  • OpenCV – Grayscale to Binary

Drawing Functions

  • OpenCV – Drawing a Circle
  • OpenCV – Drawing a Line
  • OpenCV – Drawing a Rectangle
  • OpenCV – Drawing an Ellipse
  • OpenCV – Drawing Polylines
  • OpenCV – Drawing Convex Polylines
  • OpenCV – Drawing Arrowed Lines
  • OpenCV – Adding Text


  • OpenCV – Blur (Averaging)
  • OpenCV – Gaussian Blur
  • OpenCV – Median Blur


  • OpenCV – Bilateral Filter
  • OpenCV – Box Filter
  • OpenCV – SQRBox Filter
  • OpenCV – Filter2D
  • OpenCV – Dilation
  • OpenCV – Erosion
  • OpenCV – Morphological Operations
  • OpenCV – Image Pyramids


  • OpenCV – Simple Threshold
  • OpenCV – Adaptive Threshold
  • OpenCV – Adding Borders

Sobel Derivatives

  • OpenCV – Sobel Operator
  • OpenCV – Scharr Operator

Transformation Operations

  • OpenCV – Laplacian Transformation
  • OpenCV – Distance Transformation

Camera and Face Detection

  • OpenCV – Using Camera
  • OpenCV – Face Detection in a Picture
  • OpenCV – Face Detection using Camera

Geometric Transformations

  • OpenCV – Affine Translation
  • OpenCV – Rotation
  • OpenCV – Scaling
  • OpenCV – Color Maps

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