Python Hacking

Python Hacking – Python Hacking Tutorial in Hindi

Python Hacking

Python Hacking Tutorial in Hindi:- Is Post Mai Python Hacking Full Course Available Hai Or beginner for Python Hacking Ko Hamne Chapter Wise Define Kiya Hai Yani Ke Hamne A to Z Python with Hacking Cover Ki Hai |

Important Notice :- Friends Ye Python Hacking Course Keval Education Purpose ke Liye Hai Or Iska Istemal keval Education Ke liye hi Kare Naki kisi ko Nuksan Pauchane Ke Liye Agar Aap Kuch Wrong Karte Hai To Aap Hi Jimmedar Honge |

Python Hacking Tutorial in Hindi

Python Hacking Me Ham Start Se Lekar End Tak Sabhi Post Chapter Wise Learn Karne Wale Hai Jo Ki Lassen Ki List ye Hai |

Python Hacking - Python Hacking Tutorial in Hindi

Python Hacking Full Course In Hindi

Yadi Aapne Python Full Course Nhi Read Kiya Hai To Aap Vah Bhi Read Kar Sakte Hai | Kyoki Uske Bina Aap Python Hacking Acchi Tarah Se Nhi Sikh Sakte Hai |

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1. Introduction And Setup

2. Port And Vulnerability Scanning

3. SSH And FTP Attacks

  • Automating SSH Login Part 1
  • Automating SSH Login Part 2
  • Testing Our SSH Login Program

4. Password Cracking

  • SHA256, SHA512, MD5
  • Cracking SHA1 Hash With Online Dictionary
  • Getting Password From MD5
  • Cracking Crypt Passwords With Salt

5. Sniffers, Flooders And Spoofers

  • Changing MAC Address Manually
  • Coding Mac Address Changer
  • Theory Behind ARP Spoofing
  • Crafting Malicious ARP Pocket
  • Coding ARP Spoofer
  • Forwarding Packets And Restoring ARP
  • Spoofing Our IP Address And Sending
  • Running SYNflooder With Changed Soul
  • Getting Source And Destination Mac Address
  • Sniffing FTP Username And Password
  • Getting Passwords From HTTP Website

6. Coding DNS Spoofer

  • Cloning Any Webpage
  • Printing DNS Queries
  • Redirecting Response to cloned Page
  • Setting IP Table Rules And Running DNS

7. Network Analysis

  • Analyzing Ethernet Header
  • Analyzing IP Header Part 1
  • Analyzing IP Header Part 2
  • Analyzing UDP Header

8. Multi-Functioning Reverse Shell

  • Theory Behind Socket Programming
  • Wine And Pyinstaller Installation
  • Setting Up Listener
  • Establishing Connection between target and sever
  • Implementing Send & Receive Function
  • Executing Commands on the target system
  • Importing JSON Library to parse data
  • Converting Python Backdoor to .exe
  • Using OS Library to change directory
  • Downloading & Uploading files to the target system
  • Hiding Our Backdoor and Creating persistence
  • Trying to Connect to Server Every 20 Seconds
  • Downloading FIles to Target PC
  • Capturing Screenshot on target PC
  • Administrator Privilege Check
  • Starting Other Programs With Our Shell
  • Running Our Shell As An Image, Audio, PDf

9. Coding a Keylogger

  • Installing Pynput
  • Printing Space Character
  • Calling Timer On Our Keylogger
  • Adding Keylogger to Our Backdoor

10. Command And Control Center

  • What is a threaded server
  • Accepting Connections With a Thread
  • Managing Multiple Sessions
  • Testing Threaded Server With Windows
  • Fixing Q Command
  • Coding Exit Function
  • Attacking Multiple Targets And Botnet

11. Website Penetration Testing

  • Stealing Saved Wireless Passwords
  • Saving Passwords To a File
  • Bruteforcing Gmail
  • Bruteforcing Any Logging page Part 1
  • Bruteforcing Any Logging page Part 2
  • Finding Hidden Directories Part 1
  • Finding Hidden Directories Part 2
  • Discovering Subdomains
  • Changing HTTP Headers
  • Starting Basic And Digest Authentication Bruteforcer
  • Controlling Threads
  • Coding Run Function
  • Printing Usage And Testing Our Programs
  • Taking A look at ransomware

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