prime no using function

Prime no program using Function with example In c In Hindi


Prime no program using c function :- Prime No In c Program ko ham is post me example ke sath samanjh te hai or fir prime function program ko banane ke uske output ko dekhte hai |

What is Prime No : – Prime No wo hota hai jo ( N%2== 1 ) aane pr bach ta hai |

Isse Or Accha Samanjh Ne Ke Liye Ham Iske Example Ko Dekh Te Hai |

prime no using function

Using function Generate Prime Numbers in C With Example

Example :-

#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>

 int isprime(int num);
   int main()
	int n,z;
        printf("Enter The Number To Find Prime Or Not :");
        z = isprime(n);
            printf("Number Is Not Prime %d",n);
           printf("Number is Prime %d",n);

int isprime(int num)
     int  z=1;
     if( num == 0 || num == 1)
      z = 0 ;

Output :-

Enter The Number To Find Prime Or Not : 10
Number Is Not Prime 10

Enter The Number To Find Prime Or Not : 11
Number is Prime 11

Upper Diye Gye Output ko dekh kar aap Prime Program ko samanjh sakte hai |

Find prime No using function in Hindi

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