Python user input|How To Use Input Function in Python

Python User Input – Hello Friends Me Aapko Aaj input python ke Bare me batane wala hu Jisse aap python Input Function Learn kar Sakte Hai.

Python user input

Input Function In python

What is Input Function ?

Input Function se python me user se input le sakte hai . jese ki agar aapko koi user se input lena ho to input function ka use ho ta hai. Input Function Python Keval User se input lene ke liye use hota hai.

Input Function python me keval string value leta hai.agar hame number input karana hoto uske liye ham int function ka use karte hai. int function ko ham next post me dekhte hai is post me keval input functionke bare me dekhte hai.

User input python

Input Function ko Samanj ne ke liye ham kuch example dekhte hai.

input function

Input () Function


a = input("Enter Your Name : ")


Enter Your Name : Danish

Jese ki aap dekh sakte hai input function keval user se input lene ke liye use hota hai.agar ham user se or jyada input le to kese lenge aaye dekhte hai is Example me.

python input function

Next Example :

a = input("Enter Your Name :")
b = input("Enter Your Class :")
c = input("Enter Your Roll No :")
d = input("Enter Your Fees :")



Enter Your Name : Danish
Enter Your Class : 10
Enter Your Roll No : 20
Enter Your Fees : 12000


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